draft_orders.json returns "You are being redirected"

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I am using a private app to call the Shopify API successfully for all endpoints except the draft_orders.json using RestSharp.


When I try to POST to the draft_orders.json endpoint it always returns "You are being redirected" with a link to mystore.myshopify.com/password


It looks like other posts related to this error indicate its an authentication error.  I have tried authenticating using every approach to no avail...


For all other endpoints I am successfully authenticating using the same method.  Why would the draft_orders.json behave differently?


Here is some code showing the approach I am taking for authenticating and making the request:

string strPassword = objComp.ShopifyPassword;
string strAPIToken = objComp.ShopifyAPIToken;
string strShopifyRootUrl = objComp.ShopifyStoreURL;

objDraftOrder.draft_order.customer.id = customer_id;
objDraftOrder.draft_order.line_items = line_items.ToArray();
string strDraftOrderEndpoint = strShopifyRootUrl + "admin/api/" + APIVersion + "/draft_orders.json";

objRequest = new RestSharp.RestRequest(strDraftOrderEndpoint, RestSharp.Method.POST);

RestSharp.RestClient objClient = new RestSharp.RestClient(strShopifyRootUrl);
objClient.Authenticator = new RestSharp.Authenticators.HttpBasicAuthenticator(strAPIToken, strPassword);

objResponse = GetShopifyResponse(objClient, objRequest);



Does anyone know why I am getting "You are being redirected" and how I can get the draft_orders.json endpoint to work?

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