Edit Order API addVariant mutation does not respect locationID property

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Hi guys,
 we’re dealing with an issue on Edit Order API (version 2021-10), specifically with orderEditAddVariant mutation:
When specifying locationID in the request, the line item is successfully added to the order but the fulfillment location does not match with the one in the request. The location with the highest fulfillment priority is used instead
  • When inserting invalid locationID Shopify API raises an error
  • When inserting valid locationID but the variant_id is not on stock there, Shopify raises an error. After adding it on the stock in the given location and repeating the API request, the item is successfully added but the fulfillment location with the highest priority is used instead.
So far it seems like a regular bug in the API to me but maybe we’re missing something. Thanks for any help / ideas!
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