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Embedded App redirect issue

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We have an embedded app that loads our website inside of the users Shopify admin panel. However, there is one issue we cannot figure out.

When the user installs our app, and they accept permissions, it redirects them to our website, rather than to the embedded app. If they go back to their shopify admin and click on our app, it then loads the embedded app in their dashboard without any issues from there on out.

How do we get the embedded app to load inside of the shopify admin panel when the user first installs it, instead of it redirecting to our site?

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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey there,

A redirect URL is specified during the OAuth flow when constructing the install link as specified here:

Can you confirm that the URL you are using for the redirect_uri parameter matches the URL of your app and not that of your website?

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Hi Zameer,

We managed to get this working now, it was an entirely separate issue.

Is there a way to differentiate on our end when it's an auth as a first time install when they click the button on our app store page vs. when the user is clicking on the already installed app to launch the embed?

Where we are running into issues is when the user installs the app, then uninstalls it, and tries to re-install it, it's going directly to our site now, instead of initializing the auth flow again.

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Did you get any solution of this problem?