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We’re updating inventory and the API is failing with this message.

Shopify API inventory upload failed. Error: Error reading string. Unexpected token: StartArray. Path 'data.inventoryBulkAdjustQuantityAtLocation.userErrors[0].field', line 1, position 97. 

We're updating 25 other vendors , same software, same API and only 2 are failing with the same message, 

Any clues would be appreciated. 


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In the same place you dump errors, you can capture the data you used. Examine it. You probably have bad data. Note that some people use emojis and as an example, a lot of systems die when faced with them. Or the classic UTF-8 encoding error as one rogue character is included.

So next time you do an update, dump the corresponding data so you can see what is up with it. Pasting it into a character viewer often shows some bad data, even though to the eyes it looks OK.


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