errors, misreads and bugs all through my api integration....lack of support very disappointing

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API integration errors are constantly popping up and I am being told by customers that they are having trouble paying, sometimes due to a mysterious space bar that gets added to their email, sometimes they can only buy a concession ticket....I have contacted stripe and they said it is an API integration issue at the shopify end...I have no idea what that means. All I know is I'm losing a lot of money and I pay a lot of money to have a reliable site that needs to work and i expect reasonable support.

To be directed to a forum is not acceptable as your team have attempted to do. I need this problem solved asap, if you need to work with the stripe team that's great. if it's an issue with the stripe app, that's great. just tell me. I will raise it, again, with them.

I actually feel that my account is being hacked and you need to look at the security. I'm not going away and I'm not going to learn IT language to fix a problem myself on a shopify story.

please deal with this problem promptly