Expose the timeline through an API?

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Hi Shopify :),

I can see in order now that there is a super nice timeline. However I didn't find any way for an app to interact with this timeline. It would allow some nice usages, especially here are some things that would be good:

* Being able to set a message.

* Being able to add a button that would return to the app and be signed by Shopify.

Have a nice day 🙂

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Hello Michael!

Thanks for posting : ) At the present time our API doesn't provide access to the timeline.  However, we may open this up at some point in the future to allow developes to build integrations as you mentioned above.  No ETA on when this may happen but keep an eye on our API page here:


If access to timeline becomes available you'll find details on it there.


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Another vote for seeing API for Timeline

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Another vote for seeing API for Timeline

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Another vote for seeing API for Timeline

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Another vote for seeing API for Timeline

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Hey all,

This is something we are currently looking into.

Please subscribe to the API Announcement forums for upcoming announcements regarding new API functionality.

Jamie | Shopify 
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Yes, please add this to the API. Really surprised it's not available to developers!

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Another vote for this!

After convincing my gf to switch over to Shopify POS I just realised that orders taken using that app only store the email address (when a receipt is sent to the customer) in the timeline and thus it's impossible to get at from an automation viewpoint.

With the (awfully dated) old application, at least the sent customer receipts got placed in the sent items of her mailbox so I could write code to parse them, extract the customer email and add to our mailing list.

Currently though with the POS app, it's back to manually copy and pasting.

Fingers crossed sometime for this comes soon!

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Please add timeline access, especially the ability to post comments.

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+1 this would be amazing.

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Please add timeline access by API

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Another vote for seeing API for Timeline

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+1 for Timeline API access ??

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+1 for this. Would be really useful!

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+1 for the timeline access ! I will use it in order to push message into our slack channels, so every one in my team will have the info, but it will be stored exactlly at the good place. 


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+1 please, planning to upload photos of my fulfilled packages using the API.

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+1 as well 🙂

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+ 1 for Timeline API access.

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