Facebook Pixel Error: Server External ID Not Matching to Pixel External ID for Purchase Event

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Hi there,

I know this is more on the facebook site but i hope someone can help me since i am not getting the same data in shopify than i get in facebook for my ad campaigns.

The Facebook Pixel says there is this error on the purchase event:




Any ideas on how to fix this problem and if this is related to my facebook ads data not showing up correctly in the marketing section in my shopify account?


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I do get sales, and no errors but checking data is almost impossible. Today out of 6 sales I only see 2 in FB ads manager. While UTM's show that all 6 came from Fb ads.

I assume if pixel sees only 2 sales then it doesn't take other 4 into the optimization.

I also checked operating system this sales came in, and Android sales also not being counted. 

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Things seem to have gone quiet on this for a week or so now. I'm currently experiencing these issues too in event manager. Anyone have any updates?

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Did this ever get resolved? It just seems like there are a lot of open tickets around this topic...

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I just started having this issue this week

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Hi, were you able to resolve this? Mine comes and goes away and then it finally came back and stayed that way.

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Hi all,

I just started to have this problem yesterday.

If anyone has any updates please share.


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I also got this error only today. Even though I had customer purchases and the purchase event detected them, I am not able to view this data in my ad campaign and it's difficult to attribute the purchases to a specific ad set!

I don't know if this is related to the error but I'm assuming it is.



is there an update on this issue?

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