Faire Orders not appearing in Orders REST Admin API endpoint

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My shopify store is integrated with Faire. On the internal storefront website, we can see Faire orders under the 'Orders' page - however, when I query the Orders REST endpoint (https://shopify.dev/docs/admin-api/rest/reference/orders/order), I do not see the Faire orders. Does anyone know if it is possible to access the Faire orders via the API? 




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Hey @Teague_Harvey,

If you're using an API key/token from a private, custom, or public (non-sales channel) app then all orders from the last 60 days should be accessible. If you're using an API key from a sales channel app, the response will only include orders created by your sales channel.

Note also that the order API only returns open (not archived) orders by default. If the Faire orders are showing as archived in the admin, you'll need to use status=any or status=closed in your call.

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Hi JB,
Thanks for your help.
Unfortunately, that hasn't worked so far. We're using a private, non sales channel app, and I make the request with the 'status=any' parameter; however, the Faire orders still do not appear in the response. 

Any other ideas?


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How are you connecting faire with shopify?

Our marketplace order connector is currently running a beta with a faire connection, where you can:

  • import faire orders into your shopify store
  • keep inventory in sync with faire
  • syncing track  & trace to faire

if you are interested in getting an extended trial let me know 🙂

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