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Firebase Storage, Product rest API image Upload

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Hi I am building a webApp (with firebase) for a client.
My question is regarding to the Product rest API.

API works fine except for images in this format { src: myurl }.
When I try to upload the image via the admin UI I see the image for a split second then I get
"Image: Media processing failed".
My guess is the firebase storage API here a example url =>

I think shopify is removing the url parameters but I have no clue how to test that.

=> uploads without url parameters work just fine.


Possible Solution (kinda ugly):

I could just download the image on the client side => base64 and upload the image in this format  { attachment: myBase64 }.


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I believe I am facing the same issue using Firebase Storage.


Shopify endpoint:   /admin/api/2021-01/products.json (POST)


I tried creating products with urls from firebase storage, but Shopify API didn't download images for some reason, even though there's no error thrown.

Just as you described, I ended up encoding images to base64 first and then using "attachment" property instead of "src".


I'm not sure if this is a Firebase or Shopify issue. Hopefully Shopify team can take a look at this.


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The problem still persists, exactly as described by the person that created the thread.