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Fix overdue for Api health

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We have app with error in Api health 

Apps - Shopify Partners 2020-07-02 17-50-27.png

We fixed problem June 26 and I asked about support in Shopify partner Live chat and got answer that everything fine and Error will gone in July 02. But now I see Fix overdue and worry that our app will be delisted

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Shopify support again told me that everything ok but I see that message in apps page. Apps - Shopify Partners 2020-07-02 22-20-53.png

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I think it appears because your app was updated with less than 30 days before the deadline.

We have a dev app (updated on June 2nd) which had the "Fix overdue" error yesterday but today it is back to "OK".

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Shopify Staff
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Hi Everyone, 


If you are still concerned about the app, please use the link in the partner dashboard to speak with our partner support team. It is possible this was a display error, so it may be resolved by now. If not, let us know. 

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I have this same problem, also have requested an e-mail support. The case ID is 19082679 and 19124892 (I have 2 cause I don't know how to follow up sorry) The first request was on 14 Aug.


The chat support is not possible, cause it's stuck like this forever.

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 21.01.32.png


The chat support is not possible it's stuck like this forever.


Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 21.00.08.png


Please help.

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HI, there's a support team member contacting me that I should be upgrading my Product API impl. to cursor based and I did. The impl. date was on 18, 19. last scan on 20 as per images.





But it's still not getting resolved. what should I do next? Can anyone advise?


Thanks a lot!


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Hi Vix,

Our app BuckyDrop is facing the same problem. Not sure if this is still just a display error.
The API issue is as below. I tried to click "View change", and a 404 showed up.



What should I do now to fix the API?  Thanks.