Force Users to Reset Password?

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Hello all, a question for those that know!

I am going to be importing our existing customers over to Shopify via the API. In reviewing the API documentation, I see that they call out how to assign the users a default password, such as "newpass." My question is does anyone know if it is possible to flag the users account as needing to change their password the next time they login?

Here's the user experience I'm looking for:

  • I import customer, giving them a password of "password."
  • They login into the account, using the "password" password.
  • However, once they login, they are immediately presented with an option requiring them to change their password.

If that isn't possible, is it possible to setup the customers with a default password, as described in the documentation, but add an additional "send reset password e-mail" property to the account information, similar to the "send_welcome_email" property?

Thanks in advance!

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Did you ever finding a solution to this?