Fulfill License order/renewal through API

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I'm trying to setup a system with my Shopify store through which users can purchase or renew license keys for software (yes, I know about things like SendOwl - we are trying to move everything under tighter control).
I already have a webhook endpoint setup that gets called on the `order/paid` event and I'm able to connect to my shop through the python shopify package and get info on that order. But now I'm struggling with how to proceed next...
For a renewal, I need to set the order as fulfilled and make sure that the user receives an email stating that their license key has been renewed (they will not get a new key so it just needs to be a notification).
For a new license purchase I need to actually include the new key(s) in their order fulfillment email. So I need my python code to be able to send back that key info and have it formatted into an email.

I've been reading through all the Fulfillment API docs and it seems all heavily geared towards shipped products not digital. Am I looking at the wrong thing or there a better way to handle this? I'm failing to find any examples for this particular use-case.

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Interesting idea.

Can you tell us more? We can consider adding that feature.

Currently, we allow just to sell, deliver and track sold serial keys and codes.

Also, you can customize emails per each product.

Could you check it and let us know?



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