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Fulfillment vs fulfillmentOrder

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I am currently looking into handling fulfillment's for orders via an API, specifically via GraphQL.

To start off with the workflow:


I have an order that i want to fulfill from 1 warehouse:

- i create a fulfillmentOrder with all items of the order

- i create a fulfillment per delivery

- per lineItem in the delivery I add the fulfillmentLineItem


is that how i should use it?

I saw in some documentation that the fulfillment workflow is deprecated, but the same post mentions that the fulfillment object is part of the workflow. (


so i ask myself why is there a fulfillmentOrder and a fulfillment? couldn't that be handled in either of the two. You can have multiple of both, both can have a location and an amount of items. Is it that indeed the fulfillment object is deprecated and i should not use this anymore? the only thing i would be missing then is the tracking information.


Or do i see it indeed as:

- an order can have 1 to n deliveries

- each shipment can have 1 to n packages(shipments) which might even fulfilled by different delivery agencies


(even then however you could do it with just fulfillments)


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