Fulfilment Service for Non-Physical Item

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Previously, for a Canadian storefront -- have been utilising a private custom app that acts as a fulfilment_service for a digital product (non-physical, inventory not needing tracking).   The working fulfilment_service has the properties:

"id": 62623351024,
"name": "My App1",
"email": null,
"service_name": "My App1",
"handle": "name-handle",
"fulfillment_orders_opt_in": true,
"include_pending_stock": false,
"provider_id": null,
"location_id": <my_location_id>,
"callback_url": "<api_link>",
"tracking_support": false,
"inventory_management": false,
"admin_graphql_api_id": "fke_id_here"
The corresponding product requiring said fulfilment_service and its' variants then have the option for this Location.  

When creating the same fulfilment_service for a US site, with afaict, the exact same properties (fulfilment_orders_opt_in, tracking_support, inventory_management etc),  am getting a weird error trying to associated the product/variant with this Location. 

The API error code has requestId"8bce4a6d-39c0-4305-ada4-22f16a3aa8cf" . 

From what I understand is that the non-physical product may not be associated with the fulfilment_service.  
Why is this the case in US but not CAD?
Is this intended behaviour with your API?  

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  Having permits_sku_sharing:true allowed me to assign the fulfillment_service to non-physical orders.  Have gotten beyond this to a new issue.