Full screen - YouTube embedded video in app

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Hi all,


We've created a quick video tutorial to help merchants understand our product better.

I embedded the youtbue video in our app. 

For some reason when merchants open our app they can see the video but cannot make it "full screen".

I read about it online and the reason is because the youtube embed is an iFrame and our app is an iFrame of itself inside Shopify.

There's a way to allow full screen but this requires setting attributes on the iFrame that shopify sets..

Did anyone run into this issue in the past or can suggest any advice?



Founder at Swipify https://apps.shopify.com/swipify-4
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I am also stuck in the same issue. I cannot for some reason cannot make my youtube video fullscreen inside my shopify app. I have embedded youtube video but its not able to open in fuillscreen