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Hey - just looking for some guidance; my business is a bit odd in how it is structured so nothing is 100% cut and dry, but I'm always surprised and grateful for the communities that are actually doing the active development - and the willingness to help. 


We primarily work as a research company, but are self-funded being a startup, so I constructed legal entities to offer B2B services such as marketing and automation programing to end-users on platforms like WP, Big Comm, etc. to fund that research and test use cases. We haven't pinned the perfect platform to host all the clients, we have a list more to begin, and in order to streamline development, it's preferable to avoid what I can see happening. I do see they give you quite a bit of control in source and Intergrations to our ML environments should be simple given Jupyter and NodeJS have worked pretty much everywhere, but I do have some general questions that may avoid pit falls and be in best practice for those of you who have far more experience in the front-end, ecommerce environments, also helps to know what automations to develop early. Even links to documentation would be helpful - that's my next set of stops, but in the past - I find those with hands on can be far more of a resource, I do 90% of all the development myself- the rest are more administrative and marketing & I primary do mathematics and computation, development is an inherited labor in light of.

Questions: (Documentation links are perfect if they are handy) 

1) Repo and DevOps: I usually repo and host general frameworks that we then add in customizations in development to before publishing, I'm used to more command line interfaces and I know that Shopify's is fairly new - has anyone run into issues with CL/CI or setting up React / Angular applications 

2) Dev Environments: With WP and others they were very cool to let us use anything in development for free and long as we gave back to Open Source and had clients pay when the services started, is this similar here?

3) Databases: I just switched my cloud infrastructure from Azure / IBM to GCP / AWS - but still keep bare metal for some data and compliancy in some use cases, for file transfer and SQL is there a preferred flavor or set-up someone with that type of experience can suggest (before I struggle for 4 months just to find out there is) lol I have felt silly before, I have my preferences, but that's back-end, to serve data back to the front is Shopify json / KVP / API friendly - my first test account looks as if they are but again - I'll be more familiar when I go and look through the source starting this evening. 

4) Rules: I always ask; but any serious ( non-obvious ) no-no's or irk's Shopify has that I should avoid, a best practice to development issues or how to troubleshoot situations, what they are looking for as far as development contributions - many places have a board and we do like to try and give back on at least something if we can as we work on a platform. I like to make sure I meet the standards they put in place to lower the issue response later. Selling or promoting their product is normally a big area I like to make sure we are in line with as well. I would be embarrassed to find out someone was unhappy because we represented them in a fashion they don't align with. 

I'll be around, hopefully for a while on here. If I can help, after I set up, I will look to contribute in the preferred way and with experience to the community here. I normally release the non-proprietary documentation on use-cases for those B2B builds when I can so I'll link those from time to time - maybe someone can reuse the material. A lot to do in the meantime, so if I'm not responsive the next 2-3days I'm not blowing you off lol - and thank you for your help. 

My Best - KS

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