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Thanks for reading.

we are a software company, and we generate license keys for our software upon checkout. The costomer determines how many licenses to purchase, and for each one, we have them specify a "User Name" using the Required App. We would like to do one of two things:

1. run our own license key generator on each "User Name" provided to automatically generate a User Name and License Key for our custormers that we can email to them and they can use to download and install our software.

2. if option 1 is not possible, can we automatically email the information provided by the Required App to our Amazon servers, so that we can automatically generate keys and email them to costomers. 

We currently have a solution on AWS, but we really want to migrate to Shopfiy because the templates are so nice.

Thank you for your time reading and any suggestions.






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Hi Michael,

Have you considered using webhooks? You could hook up to order creation or order payment event and it would call a specified URL on your server to generate and send license keys. You will find the username in the webhook payload. You can setup a webhook in the Shopify Admin > Settings > Notifications > Webhooks.


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I would love to learn more about how this works. I would like to be able to have pre-generated license keys sent when a customer purchases a digital download. Any resources available?

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Could you tell us more about your idea?

Is there something that we can implement into our app?

We have an app to Sell codes

You can insert codes, track inventory, deliver with email, and customize emails with codes.