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Get order POS receipt number

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It seems there was a recent change to POS receipt numbers.

Also see


How can we retrieve the POS receipt number of an order?


We have come across an undocumented field on the order's API called source_identifier.
"source_identifier": "4962615337-81-1427", 
It seems to show the location id, followed by the receipt number.
However, we have also seen it null sometimes (for POS orders).
Is it possible to document this field in the API or create a new receipt field?
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Hey Clement,


The `source_identifier` property is indeed the correct field to be checking for this information. The reason it's undocumented on the Orders API is because it's exclusive to POS. 


You would currently be receiving the location id followed by the receipt number for POS systems running iOS. In regards to the `null` values, those are attributed to Android POS systems, as the same functionality hasn't yet been implemented there.


That being said, there's an update going out by next week that will include those values for Android systems as well. Going forward you should be able to rely on the `source_identifier` value of all POS orders when looking for the receipt number.


Hope that clarifies!

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Thanks Zameer.


So, are you saying we can use this field reliably and it won't change under us even though it's not documented?

Why not document it? There are other fields such as the user_id which are exclusive to POS. I don't see why POS fields should not be documented.




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Wow, this is exactly what I'm looking for. Document this! could save someone like me 🙂