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Get Orders using processed_at filtering results

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I'm making a request to list all Orders using the processed_at filters to just get orders processed between 2 timestamps. Here's the URL I'm using for the GET request:




There's a few Orders that are returned that are outside the processed_at range that we're using - here's the processed_at values for these orders that are returned:

"processed_at": "2020-05-18T19:40:23+08:00"

"processed_at": "2020-05-18T21:47:15+08:00"

"processed_at": "2020-05-18T22:54:39+08:00"

Any reason these Orders are being returned where the processed_at value is after the processed_at_max value we specify in the request (2020-05-18T18:09:00+08:00)?

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I know that using the GraphQL API to query against order datetime ranges it seems as if only the date is being honored. It appears as if the time is ignored. Perhaps the REST API has the same quirk?