GET request for all Tags (admin/products/tags.json)

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When I try this URL in my browser:

It gives me a nice list of all the tags in my shop.


I need this list, but when I try an API call with Python it says 'Not found'.


Getting all the tags by looping over all products in too long (+- 5 seconds), whereas this gives me everything I need instantly. 


How can I make this request?



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Hey @aviation-1000,


The tags aren't exposed via the REST API, but they're accessible via the GraphQL Admin API:



    productTags(first: 100){



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This is slow and requires about 5-10 calls to get the data I need.


I managed to make a request with Python to the admin/products/tags.json endpoint by copying the curl request it makes in chrome and exporting it in Python code with Postman.


It's hacky but it works. I am wondering if it's okay for Shopify for us to do this?

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@aviation-1000  does tags.json contain all the tags? say I have 5K tags, will I be able to get them all using tags.json?

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Kindly, brief how can i get tags with graphql as i am facing the same issue of not being able to access tags vie laravel
I do the following and get the error illegal offstring but i get all list of tags when i use it with my store name

$tags= $shop->api()->rest('GET', '/admin/api/2021-07/products/tags.json')['body']['container'];

it gives error how can u access it via graphql