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Get Selling Plans access denied issue

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We are using shopify android sdk 10.0.1 to manage our shop in android mobile app. In the shop admin panel selling plans are set, but there is an issue getting selling plans on mobile as we get Access denied error.

This is how I query products

 Storefront.QueryRootQuery query = Storefront.query(root ->
                root.products(args -> args
                        .query(searchKey), Query::products

And this is the products model

            .images(args -> args.first(250), imageConnection -> imageConnection
                    .edges(imageEdge -> imageEdge
            .options(optionConnection -> optionConnection

            .variants(args ->  args.first(250), variantConnection -> variantConnection
                    .edges(variantEdge -> variantEdge
                            .node(variant -> variant
                                    .selectedOptions(selectedOption -> selectedOption
            .sellingPlanGroups(args -> args.edges(
                    planEdge -> planEdge.node(
                            node ->
                                    .options(option ->

Can you advise what there is wrong, or what extra exions I need to do to solve the problem.
Also is there any way to get Selling Plans without getting products?

Thanks in advance

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