Getting "orphan" products

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Hello. is there any way using the admin API to get all of the products which do not belong to any collection?


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I’d like to know this as well. 

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@NoKidding , @bdeaw 

I dont' think that comparison is available in products query arguments.

You could use bulk operations to get all products with a CollectionConnection in the query then just go through each product 


  products {
    edges {
      node {
        collections(first: 2) {
          edges {
            node {



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All products belong to the collection "all" so therefore there are zero products that belong to no collections. But if you wanted to do this for another reason:

- download all products using a bulk query

- for each collection, get the products by id, and remove them from your global list you bulk downloaded

once done, you'd only have products in your big list that were not in any collection. This is a very simple exercise to script.

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