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Getting the sender/warehouse address information of an order that has no fufillments

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I am in charge of maintaining an app that allows customers to take some shopify order information into some relevant shipping information.

We're running into issues when an order has products coming from a warehouse location, or any address other than their 'main' or headquarters address.

Where can we find the warehouse location or information, assuming no fulfillment information exists?

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Im having the same problem. Actually i made a post some hours ago but it was taked as spam.

I understand that you can get the information that you need with the api: fulfillmentorder.

Using the following endpoint:

GET /admin/api/2021-07/orders/{order_id}/fulfillment_orders.json

You get all the fulfillment orders associated with a given {order_id}.

However, im reciving a status 200 with a empty array every time i make a resquest:

    "fulfillment_orders": []


But you should receive an array with all the fulfillment orders instead, where you can get the associated_location_id. With that id you know which location is associated with each fulfillment order.

I wolud like to know if this work for you so y can know if its a individual problem or a general one.