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GLB upload: response 200, but not appearing.

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I am trying to upload a gbl to one of my six variants. I am mixing the python api and REST api. It seems to be uploading, and it returns a 200 code, but the GBL does not appear. There are no errors. Does it matter that this account is still in trial?




response ='{}/images.json'.format(, json=my_request)




  This is how I make my request:



glb = fetch_glb(title)
    #assign the glb to the first image.
    my_request = {
        "image": {
            "variant_ids": [],
            "position": 1,
            "attachment": glb,
            "filename" : filename


#This is how I load the glb.


def fetch_glb(title):
    filename1 = title + '.glb'
    glb_path = root / 'assets' / 'ready_glbs' / filename1
    with open(glb_path, "rb") as image:
        f =
        encoded = b64encode(f)
        decoded = encoded.decode('ascii')
        return decoded


#This returns a value in ascii bytes, it is not null.
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