Google Map API display error

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I'm trying to display Google Map in the map section of my website

All settings ok, checked with Google, and appears that the snippet doesn't put the key in the code. 

Please see screenshot attached. 

Api key = AIzaSyBo1PU7_zrTDtNAjo3ULTmTrhfWx5k9Lag

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Did you manage to find a solution to this? I saw that you end up inserting a static screenshot of Google map in your website.


If you are looking to couple the map with a store directory, please feel free to try out Storefolio Retail Directory. I developed this app so you can add and manage multiple retail locations in a photo-album way. It also comes with a store filtering features, which makes it a great feature to go side by side with a map.


Here's a screenshot on how it can look like:



Storefolio Retail Directory | Photo-album style Store Locator for branded outlet listing • Blog Posts & Articles Filter PRO | Easy tag based filters for Shopify blog article