Graphql Bulk Operations issue

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I am creating products and some product attributes in bulk using GraphQL Admin API BulkOperations and the creation process works as expected: products and attributes are created correctly. 

Then I do these queries for testing:

  1. I query the products by TAG I get back less products than what I have created
  2. if I check total products count instead it matches the number of the created products.

Looking into the missing products at query 1 I found out that they DO exist and DO have the TAG I am querying for but the query by product tag is not returning expected results, if I query the product by handle it returns the product correctly.

Example of what I am saying: 

{products(first:250,query:"tag:SYSTEM_SKU_DQ0276D000VDQ900") {
  edges {
    node {

-----> this returns empty products array

This instead works, and the tag exists:

----- REQ

----- RES
  "data": {
    "productByHandle": {
      "id": "gid://shopify/Product/6994715541665",
      "tags": [
  "extensions": {
    "cost": {
      "requestedQueryCost": 1,
      "actualQueryCost": 1,
      "throttleStatus": {
        "maximumAvailable": 1000,
        "currentlyAvailable": 999,
        "restoreRate": 50

Can anybody help me out to understand what's happening? Shopify support wouldn't.

Thank you in advance

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