graphql-client graphql (Rails application with AdminAPI)

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A simple question, but I have been searching for an answer to this for a while now.



For rails applications using the shopify_app (or shopify_api) gems. If you want to use GraphQL, do you need to run the rails generate graphql:install command to load the graphql folder with subfolders for mutations and types? Or, in using the graphql-client, is this not needed?


I have run through tutorials on how to work with graphql, how to query, etc., and I understand it to a degree. However getting GraphQL to work with Shopify in an actual application - to fetch data, and store it in my database - has been a massive pain. 


Some background on my app, if helpful:

- I have a rails embedded application. It's a public application. The intention if for stores to install the application, and I receive a list of the stores orders.

- I currently have webhooks set up with a REST api that stores orders in my applications database

- I am new to developing Shopify applications. This is still in development, and very basic at the moment.

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