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GraphQL Order Export Paid At Field

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I am using GraphQL API to implement a custom order export app. It is not clear for some fields where the data is getting pulled.

One particular field is the Paid At field. Does anyone know if the order processedAt value is the equivalent? Otherwise, I figured that I can pull the order transactions, filter by transaction kind of 'SALE', take the most recently created, and use its processedAt value. The times of the order processedAt and the sale transaction are not an exact match (close but not the same).

If following the description from this documentation, I would lean towards using the processedAt from transactions.

It's also not clear to me what the context of the order processedAt field means. The documentation states the processedAt field as 'Date and time when the order was processed. When orders are imported from an app, this date and time may not match the date and time when the order was created.' What does 'processed' entail?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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