GraphQL Update Stock inventory in Bulk

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Looking for a way to update the stock levels in bulk.
Currently from what i can see in the API Documents, you can Adjust Stock in Bulk, But what i am wanting to do is replace the stock in Bulk.

We are uploading stock levels in a Total figure, so the Shopify Store reflects an accurate figure,
Is there anyway to acomplish this?

inventoryBulkAdjustQuantityAtLocation only appears to adjust.

So i am resorting to using:

mutation {
locationId: "gid://shopify/Location/36694392916",
inventoryItemId: "gid://shopify/InventoryItem/33963695997012",
available: 5
inventoryLevel {


Is there anyway i can do this in multiples?


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What approach did you take in the end.  As far as I know there is no way to change the inventory amount, just to adjust it, so it is all about the quickest way to get the data you need I think.

This is when I think you need

  • Get all the variants and their inventory level
  • Get your current levels from your own system
  • Compare the two
  • Update using bulk adjust

I would be interested to know how you did point one, to get all the variants.  I have a products api call that will get me the data, but since my store will have 60,000 products I am worried about the speed of it all