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Headless Shopify Contact Form

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Hi, I would like to ask if anyone has an idea on how to integrate the contact form of a headlless shopify store(React JS) to shopify. The shopify's contact us form can send email to the store owner upon filling up the form and I would like to have that functionality to my headless store. I there any shopify API for this or do I really need a third party for email sending? 

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Shopify simply sends contact form submissions to the email address you have specified as 'customer email'. 

Generally, with a headless store you'll create the forms as components and hook those into either your customer support system, or a simple form backend.

Here's a few solid form backend platforms:

Basin is what I use, but all three seem pretty good.

Edit: If you have a marketing automation platform that includes form builders, that could also be an option.

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It looks like there is no solution out of the box using jamstack app with Shopify. I'm using a third party app. Even tho, I think Shopify is having its own API as you have an option to send form's answer while using liquid.