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(Hopefully) Simple Tiered Discount Solution, or Automatic Discount Alternative

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I currently run We fulfill via FBA only, and only hold one SKU there (1 color, single pack).

We hired a developer who has been actively working on the 2-Pack/4-Pack discount buttons which can be seen on our page. 

It is very important to me that if someone is shopping on mobile, and wants pay with ApplePay directly on our website, they don't need to head to a checkout page. 

Here's where we're getting stuck: getting a separate discount (2-pack versus 4-pack) to function with the Apple Pay feature. Currently, I'm using the Automatic Discount option that Shopify provides to give anyone buying 2 or more a 25% discount. This functions but is limited to only adding that one tier.

My developer informed me that he could make this work if the 1, 2, and 4 packs are product variants, but I've been unable to figure out if that's the simplest solution and if I can translate those into orders (of different quantities) of our one amazon SKU. 

Alternatively, I spent a good amount of time looking for an app alternative to the automatic discounts which could add the tier I need (ideally without needing to use the custom buttons/designs that seem to always accompany these options.

Looking for suggestions. I appreciate your time taking a look at this.

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