How do I get the file ID needed in order to call the mutation fileUpload?

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I want to use the fileUpload mutation which requires an ID as input parameter, but I cannot find the file id in e.g. the "files" connection on the query root.




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Even I tried to get the ID but can not get. Did you find a solution to it?

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No I suspect that either the files services are designede to work in an entirely different way - e.g. files should be staged first (currently I see this ad an option if you are not able to upload files on a server yourself) , OR that the services has some bugs as they are relatively new. 

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Hi @Lull ,


you get the file ID for the mutations fileUpdate and fileDelete by refering to the GenericFile. The query then looks as follows:


 files(first:10) {
     edges {
      node {
      ... on GenericFile {



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Thank you!! This was so helpful.


My mutation is returning the id, but the url is blank.  


Can I use the id to query the files?  if so, do you have an example (the docs are sparse and the App says I don't have read_files/write_files permissions - also can I get these permissions on the app)


Any help is greatly appreciated 🙂

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