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How do i know the line item which is returned ?

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When I get information order with API. I can't know line item which is returned. It's only change field closed_at => null.

And nothing changes. 

Can you share me how to determine which line item is returned?


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If you are looking to see the lineitems refunded for each order individually. Then you can use the url as below to view it in the api.


- Here under the Refunds category, there will be an option for refunded_lineitems. Hope that will help you to look ar the lineitems that are refunded.

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Thank you for your comments.

But I need to know which item is returned 😞 but not refund



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Shopify ano na!!?

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Simply refund 0 euro / dollar etc and you can then find the returned/refunded line items in the refunds object. 

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What we want get is:Order in Return in Process Status,Refund is not generate