How do you setup a reusable shipping box option?

Hello everyone,

I hope you have a wonderful day. We at hey circle develop a reusable shipping box that customers send back after receiving it, thus circulating multiple times between e-commerce vendors and customers, which reduces waste and lowers CO2 emissions. Currently, we prepare for market entry and would like to make the integration as smooth as possible for vendors with heycircle boxes, particularly when it comes to embedding the sustainable shipping option in the check-out.

After looking through the possibilities in the API documentation, I noticed several problems in the Shopify integration as we imagined it:

  1. There seems to be no way of charging the customer after the transaction for items they did not return. We only want to charge the customer if they don't return the box within x days. The PayPal equivalent would be a billing agreement. We know it works with PayPal, we just need to integrate it somehow in the Shopify Checkout.
  2. The Subscription API charges the customer after a set period of time and the subscription could be canceled if the box is returned. But subscriptions are framed as recurring payments towards the customer, which is not ideal for us. Additionally, selling plans apply to products and their variants, but we want to provide a shipping addition / shipping method.
  3. We tried implementing the heycircle box as a shipping method using the CarrierService API, but the requirements are quite restrictive (only advanced plan or higher). Also, we are not a shipping company

I hope you can point me in the right direction.




To rephrase our key problem in one short sentence: Is there any way to add a billing agreement to the Shopify Checkout?