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How to Access/Download "Content API" which is Submitted to Google Merchant Center?

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I'm setting up a Google Smart Shopping campaign, and optimizing all of the information displayed on the ads before launch.

Our Google Merchant Center is synced to Shopify, so the Primary Feed is pulled from Shopify's "Content API".

I set up a supplemental feed to optimize some fields like name, images, etc. I can't do this properly without seeing the actual Content API data, so I know how to properly format the supplemental feed.

I contacted Shopify earlier today and they stated that I don't have access to this, which seems insane and unethical because this is all data about our products.

Does anyone know how to download this information?

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Unfortunately, you can not download content API data. If you used a data feed solution like mine, I use text delimited (csv) which you can then download and read.

If you need to know the ID's you will need to go to Google Merchant Center > Products > All Products > here is a list again, you can't down load it.

As you did not push the data yet, the above will not work anyways, so if you go to Shopify > Products > click on your product > click on your variant. You will see an URL containing


The first number is the parent id, the second is variant id.

If you are in the US. The ID will be shopify_us_2189768917065_19973358518345

Personally, I would use a data feed management tool that you can edit at source, such as my application. You can use import rules, you can use manual editing, bulk editing, etc... This then avoid you needing to create a supplement feed as you can edit it all within one system, without effecting your website.

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