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How to build a backend service in Python + Flask

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Hey, this is not really a question, rather a post about giving back to the community! I've built a number of Python backends for Shopify Apps and my preferred frameworks have been Django and Flask. I took the time to create a fully functioning Python + Flask backend service that helps you spin up a backed that does:

  • App installation
  • Register for webhooks
  • A webhook parser that parses orders (can easily be extended to fit your needs)
  • A simple starter page for the embedded app dashboard
  • A code structure that is easy to work with and adapt to fit your business needs.

I also put together a comprehensive guide that takes you through the process of getting things up and running on your local machine. 

You can find the guide and the link to the GitHub repo here:

I hope it will help you with your next (or current) project!

Fredrik — Creator of bugs since 1999
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