How to change the Sales channel name when adding an order via API

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I'm trying to customize the name that shows up here in the order:



And here in the Stats dashboard:



I thought the source_name was the way to do it according to the doc:

"source_name": "web"

Where the order originated. Can be set only during order creation, and is not writeable afterwards. Values for Shopify channels are protected and cannot be assigned by other API clients: web, pos, shopify_draft_order, iphone, and android. Orders created via the API can be assigned any other string of your choice. If unspecified, then new orders are assigned the value of your app's ID.


I am able to change the source_name and when fetching the order I just placed, I see:


But the new Sales channel "Mindbody" is not showing on the order or the report. The App ID is still showing.


Do I also need to provide it a source_identifier?


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Ah, maybe I should create additional sales channels before posting sales to them?:

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I took a look through your first post, and can confirm that the "source_identifier" field is currently read-only and not related to the app name displayed to merchants in the Admin - I was also able to find a forum thread that might offer some more insight.

The name that you are outlined in your screenshots would be the name you have set for your app, and can be updated in from the Partner Dashboard by heading to the Apps > {click app name} > App Setup menu! 

- Cheers!

awwdam | API Support @ Shopify
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Thanks, I am able to set the source_name with whatever I want and verified that it is sticking when retrievving the order via API.


The question is how do I report on it in the report UI? Or can I set something else on the order that I could report on?