How to connect own custom APP with admin panel to work only at the backend?

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I am building the online jewelry store with shopify. I need to customize the pricing tab in admin panel.


As the rate of the gold & silver varies day to day, the price of my product will also get changed everyday. So that I cannot able to change the price for the each and every product on daily basis. 

And also I need to do some calculation separately at the back-end and need to arrive the product's final price. 

Like, Need to calculate;

-> Metal wastage 

-> Making charge calculation (based on the product either in grams or no.of.pieces)

-> Multimetal weight & price

-> Stone charges

I am ready to go with my own jewelry calculation api with those mentioned features. But, What clarification I need means.....

Despite I couldn't able to modify or customize none of the feature or input fields in admin panel, then how could I able to connect and access my own api with the admin panel. 

shop.pngI need to work on the pricing with my own api instead of adding price in the highlighted part in the admin panel.

I will be adding products and other information in the All Products tab. But need to add price through my own app. 

Note: This App is only for admin purpose at the back-end not for the customers at UI.

Kindly anybody suggest the solution to connect and access the app along with the admin panel at the backend.




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Abinaya M

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It sounds like you need to build your own app which uses the Shopify Admin API to retrieve all your products from your store, then update the prices (based on your own logic). So the Shopify admin panel that you screenshotted will have nothing to do with your solution. The solution is your own app, making pricing changes, behind the scenes. You would run your own backend script, once a day for example, which would update the prices.

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Yes. I need to add price for each product with my app. How I can able connect my app with that All product menu in admin?