How to create a non-embedded app in shopify

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I have been here and there to find that how to create a non embedded app in shopify And not yet find any helpful documentation for this, I want to load my app outside from shopify i frame, If anyone has achieved this please guide us steps to accomplish this. I thank you so much for hearing me.

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Hi @sbdev ,


Are you trying to build a public app, or just an app for your one store only?


If it is just an app for your store, you need to create a Private App. When you create a Private App, you will get API credentials. With these API credentials, you can make any request you want to the Shopify Admin API and Storefront API through any client you want. Follow these guides for help here: 


If its a public app, make sure in the partner dashboard you select to not embed your app into the Shopify Admin:  


In both cases, make sure you do not use the Shopify App Bridge library or EASDK (or another library/gem which uses these client side libraries - like shopify_app), as these client side libraries are for embedding your app into the Admin. 


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Hi @hassain 

I have build a Shopify Embedded App using shopify_app gem.

But I am not sure how I can convert a Embedded App into non-embedded App.

In config/initializers/shopify_app.rb, I have changed to

config.embedded_app = false

But the App still is in the AppBridge. Can you please help me?

Thank you.

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set config.forceRedirect in _app.js as false

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Hi @hassain 

I am building a Shopify public app, Can I use the non-embedded app for public app. Can this is right approach? Will Shopify approves my app, If I use the non-embedded app for public app.

Note:- I know If I am using non-embedded app, I should not use Shopify App Bridge.