How to delay a shipment for a week using shopify API?

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I am going to delay a shipment for a week using API, i used order UPDATE api

with body:

    "order": {
        "id": orderID,
        "fulfillment_status": "null",
        "fulfillments": [
                "id": ID,
                "location_id": ID,
                "tracking_number": "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX",
                "tracking_url": "",
                "status": "delayed",
                "delayed_until": "2023-05-29T00:00:00Z"
        "line_items": [
                "id": ID,
                "fulfillment_status": "null"

 but it didn't work, what is the exact API and body i should used to update the order with shipment fulfillment status or any other status and it would be delayed for a week.

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Hey @Abdul_Qayyum thanks for getting in touch- at the moment, all fulfillment/shipping data would be managed through our fulfillments API rather than the Orders API. A good place to start is this documentation on building a fulfillment service app. In terms of a specific REST API endpoint you'd need to use, you would want to look into using  Fulfillment Orders.

You can update the fulfillment order like this, provided your app has the right fulfillment scopes on the shop:


 "fulfillment_order": {
   "new_fulfill_at": "2024-03-02 14:24 UTC"

Hope this helps! 

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