How to fulfill orders using REST API?

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I need to fulfill orders using the REST API given the order_id. I started to retrieve the fulfillments associated with the order_id where order_id is 2185365291143



I receive status code 200, and but the json body response is empty. I have verified that the order is unfullfilled.

{'fulfillments': []}

In the attached image, I have visualized what I really want to achieve (basically fulfill all the line items in an order)Capture.PNGCapture2.PNG

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Hi @JianXiongWu ,


If you are using API version 2020-01 and higher, you can fulfill an order using the FulfillmentOrder and Fulfillment resources. Follow this document for more information on how to do this: 


If you are using API version 2019-10 and below, you can fulfill an order using the Fulfillment and the Location resources. You can follow this guide:


(Note these documents use GraphQL for its examples, but everything listed here you can do in REST as well)


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Here how you can Fulfill one complete order:

Fulfill all line items from 1 location:

POST /admin/api/2021-01/orders/{order_id}/fulfillments.json
{"fulfillment": { "location_id": 123456789 }}


This is the simplest way, you can also add various other options like tracking numbers. urls. etc ...

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Thanks for the answer, i have a doubt, the location_id is a mandatory field?

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Does this work for you?  I've been trying this exact request to fulfill all items on an order, and I always get a blank response.  Other actions work, just not this one.


I've also tried to get a list of fulfillments, and it always comes up




I think I need to create a fulfillment_order for the order first, but I cannot find out how to do this.

Any advice on how to create a fulfillment_order for an order?