How to get the Credit card company payment details for external-credit transactions?

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Where is this information stored or what values in GraphQL API to retrieve the information shown in the image blow? I stared at the available field but nothing jumped out at me. 


Screenshot 2020-11-19 181928.png

I'm using the following and nothing else looks in the explorer looks right to me. 
transactions {
Is this missing from GQL API? Can I find this via the REST API easier?
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Hey @BradKrane 

The only place I am aware that shows this info is the receipt field under the OrderTransaction object. I believe this field is deprecate in newer API versions, but you may be able to use receiptJson instead. For ref:

Kevin_A | Solutions Engineer @ Shopify 
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@Kevin_A  Thanks for the info. I was able to find another thread about receiptJson GQL tread where yes that data is only available in the unstable branch apparently.

I did find payment_details in looks to have the info I need from a stable end point so I guess I'll use the REST API to snag this bit of data instead of the GQL API for now.

"payment_details": {
  "avs_result_code": "123456",
  "credit_card_bin": "M",
  "cvv_result_code": "M",
  "credit_card_number": "•••• •••• •••• 4242",
  "credit_card_company": "Visa"
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Are you able to use this credit_card_company in Shopify Flow? I'm looking to create a rule for Transactions using a specific Payment Type.