How to implement a nav in a single row

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Hi, I am currently creating an embedded public app with Polaris.
Checked some apps and would like to add a nav to them.

Probably should use the Navigation component.
But I think it is not so good because it consumes some space.
*We do not want to change the status from embed to no-embed.

But the tab is not also suitable, is it?

Found this app and it uses buttons as a nav.

Is it alright this way to implement the nav?
If no problem does anyone know how to customize the header at the most top of the app to implement the breadcrumbs like the app?

Not particular about it and would like to know if there is a better way to implement a nav in a single row.

hii, @webK 
can you give me a screenshot what you want so,
I can solve it.
Thank You.

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This is an accepted solution.

Oh, thank you for your help and I am sorry that I did not write the answer here.
Got a solution soon in another place.

1. Just use a tab component.
It seems alright as far as asking one of opinion from a Shopify staff.

2. Use "Navigation"
There is an app setting that you are building on your Partner page.
Specifically, "Apps" -> the app in the list -> "App setup" -> "Embedded app" section -> "Embed your app in the Shopify admin" section.
However, this solution seems to apply only to English or a similar language. (The others get a bug)