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How to link my app in shopify backend

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Hi everyone, hope you have a good day !


The awnser to my question is probably obvious but i don't find it so, i just created my first shopify public app. I'm pretty satisfied of it, my app does nothing it just installs and have an index page wich says "Hello".

After installing my app on a partner store that i created when in click on it in the "apps" sections it links to "" insteed of linking to my app url wich is localhost in this case but not important i guess. And there is nothing on this url, just a white page wich is perfectly normal i think because my app don't run on this url.

So i'm asking but don't find how to link my app url "" or display my app index inside of this webpage ("").

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The URL you are redirected to is correct. Your app is going to run inside and iFrame, and that I frame is currently trying to load stuff from your localhost. You can use a service like ngrok (public proxy) and use it's public host to configure and test your app.

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