How to listen for POST requests to update cart?

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Liquid noob alert - completly new to shopify development.


I have always devleoped webapps in php so hopefully I should pick this up easily enough. But I am trying to figure out how to listen to POST requests to update the cart?


I am going to be using a thirdparty system to create personalised products through an iFrame on the product page. In that I need to parse a callback URL which they then send back POST request with the product details, print_ref_id etc. I need to take this callback and update the cart but have no idea how to do it.


In PHP it would be a simply if $_POST['data']. But how can I do it in liquid and what template file do i put it on?


Many thanks in advance


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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi there, 


In order to have an interactive product page in which you update the cart based on user provided data, you may want to look into the Shopify AJAX API as this enables cart updates amongst other features via JQuery. Using liquid alone there is no particular way to do cart updates or retrieve data from API calls.