How to retrieve exchange rate used by Shopify when using Multi-currency

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Hello everyone,

I'm looking at retrieving the exchange rate used by Shopify when a shop have multiple currencies enabled on their shop.
I found this api to retrieve the currency used by a shop and when the exchange rate has been updated, but nothing about the exchange rate itself.
Is there a way to find which exchange rate Shopify used?
Should we use a 3rdParty to get these?

The second part of my question is about the exchange rate fee. I did some testing here my understanding:

- Product is sold at 50 USD

- Order is made with the POUND currency -> Product show at 37 POUND

- When I retrieve the order value I get: shop_money = 51.48 USD - presentment_money = 37 USD

I understood that shopify compute multi-currency like this: `price x exchange rate + exchange fee`. So it mean that even if I do `shop_money / presentment_money` it will give me a wrong exchange rate right?
How can we know the exchange fee that was applied?

Sorry for all these question, I couldn't find any answer in the documentation or in the forum. Let me know if you need more information and have a good day everyone.

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I would also be interested in knowing the answer to this - BUMP!  

In addition, if the exchange rate is manually set, is this something that can be viewed or changed/set using the API?