How to test recurring charges

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I need to retrieve the recurring charge to run some logic, but my app is not published yet so it is unable to find the recurring "test" charge and then when I try to add my app to a real store that is not possible because the app is no published.


I don't understand how there can be API calls which do not work in test mode!

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Referring to:

All these do work when "test": true 

When you create a recurring application charge, you'll get "id"

You redirect the merchant to "confirmation_url" and then if they accept, shopify will redirect them back to your "return_url", with the charge_id as a parameter, something like "", if I remember correctly.

Using that charge_id, you can GET information about a specific recurring_application_charge_id

or if you want to see a list of all recurring applicatiion charges:

I think that's the flow ...