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We want to extend our current Shopify app and integrate it with the Shopify POS app.

We are wondering if there is a way to identify the staff member who logged in the Shopify POS app (the staff member who entered the PIN number).


We have tried the following:

  1. Used the method `app.getState()` of the Shopify app bridge. It doesn't contain enough info to identify the staff member.
  2. Called the current user endpoint from the User Resources withing the POS app (GET /admin/api/2020-04/users/current.json). This looked very promising; however, it is the information of the user who completed the OAuth authorization flow.

Thanks in advance!

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I have run across similar challenges for awhile now. Here's the (dated) thread --> Something like this should be pretty basic I think, but apparently not 😞 

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Hey @Sling,

The information for the staffMember in getState() is limited because its accessible from multiple surface areas (shopify admin, shopify mobile, and shopify pos.

However, there is a way with App Bridge for getting the currently logged in user for the POS terminal.

Link to docs

app.getState('pos.user').then((user) => {
    const {firstName, lastName} = user;
    console.log(`Current POS user is: ${first} ${last}`);

I hope this helps you out.

Andrew Apperley
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What our issue we ran into wasn't just the logged-in user, it was the Staff Who Helped with Sale. I couldn't find this anywhere via any API, be it the App Bridge, POS SDK, REST API, GraphQL API, etc. Roughly 10-15% of our larger dollar sales are split between two different salespeople. As a workaround I had to create an Edit Cart function for adding some line item properties to indicate a split salesperson.

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@Greg_Kujawa Can you explain what you did with an "Edit Cart function". We are hitting the same issue trying to get the Staff Who Helped with Sale. Thanks!