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Inconsistent behaviour with GQL addTags mutation

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We have an app running which subscribes to order/create and order/update events via event bridge.

When the order/create event is fired we use the "addTags" GQL mutation to add a set of tags to the order configured in the app.

99% of the time this is working fine. However, we've noticed that some mutation requests respond successfully, with no errors - yet the order does not have the tags applied.

Example request id: 8adf3427-5ca7-462e-90eb-edcdcef7dc48

My assumption is that perhaps another app is overwriting our tags for some reason and creating a race condition. Could you look at the request and confirm we're doing everything correctly - then perhaps check to see if there are other requests being made to the same resource which will overwrite our tags?

It may be unrelated but we've also noticed that after we've executed the mutation, there is no relevant update webhook fired which includes our added tags in the event detail.

Thank you

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Hey @aidanayala 

I'm writing regarding the Orders without the tags applied after addTags mutation is called. Thanks for supplying that request id! I've taken a look and unfortunately it appears the request timestamp is outside of our log retention.

So I can investigate this for you, I was wondering if you had another request ID from the previous ~12 days in which you'd seen this same behaviour? Let me know and I'll take a dive into this. Thanks!

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