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Inconsitence found in variant price

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TESTED using Pyton Library, seams it's interpreting bad the dots when the variant price have more than 2 digits and it have unit part (integrer), as my following test prices demostrated me.
'0.05' -> 0.05 €
'1.05' -> 1.05 €
'0.055555' -> 0.06 €
'1.055555' -> 1.055.555,00€

Using commas work more expected but it's not what the docs use

'1,055555' -> 1,06 €
'1000,055555' -> 1000,06 €

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That is a hilarious feature of Shopify since forever. It is blamed on how there is so much variety in how people represent money regionally. So some people use decimals, others use commas, and yes,  it was not too long ago, if you used a computer and the API and set a price of 1.546733 on a item, it would not cost $1.55 on Shopify, but in fact was displayed as $1,546,733.00.

Amusing stuff you learn when you use this platform a lot! That is probably fixed now, but you do experience other oddities I am sure.

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